Upper Mersey
The Upper Mersey Catchment covers the upper part of the the River Mersey and its source tributaries that flow from the peak district. The Mersey takes its name at the confluence of the tributary Rivers Tame and Goyt in Stockport, is joined along the way by another tributary, the River Bollin, and flows west towards the lower Mersey


Misconnections Hunt

Micker Brook


 Aspirational Projects

The Catchment Partnership is developing the following projects:

- Mersey Starts Well

- Returning Rivers

- Slow the Flow

- Gravel Management Plan

- Community SCAMP

- Cheshire Meres and Brooks

- Misconnection Hotspots

- Making the most of Construction Opportunities

- Etherow Bundle

- Bollin Bundle





Draft River Basin Management Plan Consultation

 At the workshop on 25th February, the Environment Agency presented an information pack to help the catchment partnership to understand and be able to respond to the consultation questions. The document presented can still be downloaded below. 


 Information pack


The following note outlines how the Environment Agency will manage the consultation responses and how the responses can shape the updated RBMP

Consultation Update