Mersey Rivers Week 2019

The Mersey Rivers Trust is running a week of fun, outdoor activities all across the Mersey Basin. Mersey Rivers Week will run from Monday 17th June to Sunday 23rd June with at least one event per day including balsam bashes, botany improvements and our 2nd annual Bioblitz!

MRW timetable v2

Equipment and refreshments will be provided at all events.

Please bring your own lunch.

Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing and shoes.

For more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The fifth UK Invasive Species Week was held in May.  Each day was themed around different habitats that are affected by invasive non-native species (INNS) and local action groups (of which BEACON is one).  Nationally there were more than 320 organisations involved in the week, with 93 events held .

ISW 2019 highlights


Mersey Rivers Trust held an event for families at Manchester  Museum where children could make ponds and add in creatures and plants that would naturally be found in a pond.  We also had some stickers where they could add in one of five freshwater invasive non-native plant species that seriously affect ponds, rivers and canals in the UK.  This was to get across the message of Be Plant Wise, where you must be aware of what you have in your garden or pond, and compost/dispose of any unwanted plant material carefully.  This is because across the region park rangers and countryside wardens have seen garden plants being planted out into the wild, and once out of the garden these plants quickly become invasive and uncontrollable.  

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There was also a check clean dry challenge, and lots of information about Be Plant Wise.  Over 270 people attended the BEACON invasives weekend and got #INNSvolved.  For more information please click here.

Botany Discussions

Dr Malcolm Greenhalgh, author of the Collins book on Freshwater life, along with Dr Mike Dempsey, talked about diatoms, phytobenthos and macrophytes and their role in supporting invertebrate and fish populations in our rivers.  Mersey Rivers Trust colleagues and friends enjoyed a lively discussion, with fascinating anecdotes, about the river habitat of various rivers in the Mersey catchment.  Armed with this knowledge, we are better equipped and inspired to look for ways to improve the ecosystems that live in our rivers.

Dr Malcolm Greenhalgh

On Wednesday 17th April we were joined by the Natural Course team, United Utilities, the Angling Trust, an MRT Trustee and volunteers to clean-up the lower River Tame at Tiviot Way in Stockport. The event was part of GB Spring Clean 2019. 37 bags of rubbish were collected along with a carpet, a scooter and of course a shopping trolley! What a fantastic turnout and a successful day! 

Many thanks to our friends at the Rivers Trust for producing this brilliant video... 

17 04 2019 Tame clean up 1 min

17 04 2019 Tame clean up 2 min


On Sunday 16th December we were helped by Ivor, Neil, Mike, Phil, Stephen, Derek, Samantha, Sam, Katherine, John, David, Kevin and Joe.. to clean a few hundred yards of riverbank on the River Irwell near Salford Wetlands....
We had planned to do an "in river" clean up - but heavy overnight rain left the river high and dirty..... We have a very strict policy of "if you can't see where you are putting your feet, then you don't get in"..... so we were restricted to "up the bank" litter picking duties
That didn't mean that there wasn't much to do.... In just a few hours we managed to fill 100 bags with rubbish... mostly plastics and wet wipes.
This area of river is an area where the river deposits material ... and as you can see from the photos below.... we have a real task ahead of us before we can say our clean up efforts are complete.
We will be holding more river clean up events in January - it would be great if you could join us..... in exchange for your energy and smile.... we provide hot drinks, biscuits, jam doughnuts, gloves, litter pickers, bin bags, and an opportunity to make a big difference to the river environment.
We look forwards to feeding and equipping you in the New Year!


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